Member Services & Activities

The Foresthill Friendship Club is pleased to offer a new and resourceful service to our Club Members called

“Friendship on Wheels”

This program is available to Club Members who are ill, isolated, or lonely. If you know of a member in need of meals, groceries, toiletries, or just a little encouragement, please let us know how we can help. Below is a program overview along with instructions for requesting/participating in this exciting new member service.

Program Overview

Currently, this service is available only to club members as we have limited resources and rely solely on our ladies to provide donated meals and delivery services. While each situation may be different, the typical duration may be planned as 2-3 weeks. We would like to commit to three (3) meals per week delivered by the preparer on Monday / Wednesday / Friday. Meal coverage may continue for two to three weeks or longer, based on the Club’s approval of an exceptional situation.

Requesting Services

Club Members may request assistance for themselves or another club member in the following ways:

Notification of Service Requests Club Members will learn of the need for assistance in the following ways:

  • Discussion during Club meetings.
  • Telephone call from Club “Telephone Contact” to verbally agree to meal date / assignment.
  • Receive an e-mail from Program Chair or Club Officer with a link to the “Meal Train” where you may view the calendar and select a date.


  • Online sign-ups are available using the free service “Meal Train” at
  • Please review the “Meal Train” overview at to better understand the online calendar.
  • Our club may decide to use additional “Meal Train” services, i.e., donations or groceries at a later date. We are currently only using the calendar feature for coordinating.
  • Please provide meals in a disposable container to avoid work for the recipient.

We also like to have FUN!  

Our club members enjoy Bunko and an occasional Field Trip (gardens, wine country, …more to be added later).

We look forward to hearing from you!

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